If the client wants to receive

If the client wants to receive stable and high income and thus is not going to close the Bank early Deposit, it makes sense to draw attention to the urgent ruble deposits. When choosing the placement period should be based on real life circumstances, and remember that the longer the term of the Bank Deposit – the better.
If the client likes risk, then you can resort to Bank deposits with a floating interest rate. In this case, a person risks getting a very small income on Bank deposits, but also has a chance to get significant profit. In the case if the client is not after big profits, but it wants to be able to withdraw money from the Deposit at any time, or simply does not want to store cash at home, it is advisable to use the contribution “Poste restante”. Periodically there is also the possibility to use different types of holiday Bank deposits. They have more favorable conditions and are dedicated to specific holidays: New year’s day, 8 March, Victory Day, etc.